Creating environmentally responsible solutions begins with customers.

At International Paper, product innovation is driven by the needs of our customers and the evolving demands of consumers. We strive to meet those demands by using research, ingenuity and creative thinking to transform renewable resources into recyclable fiber-based products that people depend on every day.

From ideation to the production of a final product, we focus on creating innovative, environmentally friendly solutions. Let’s take a look…

Identify Customer Needs

We create innovative, sustainable and recyclable products that help our customers achieve their objectives.

Illustration of man in front of bucket of fish

“I need a lightweight, water-resistant package that will keep my food cold and can be recycled.”

Illustration of woman holding baby

“I’d like my baby’s diaper to be very soft, absorbent, safe and made from renewable materials.”

Illustration of man stacking potato chips display

“I need a responsibly made box that protects my dog treats in transit and can also double as a retail display.”

Design Sustainably

Through market research, we anticipate consumer trends and customer needs.
We design products and services while considering recyclability, sustainability, weight, materials and more.

Man stacking boxes

A safer, more sustainable packaging alternative
We work with our customers to provide solutions that meet their specific needs, like recyclable boxes with water-resistant coatings for shipping chicken, seafood and other food products.

Woman testing chemicals

Safe, innovative hygiene products
Our Global Cellulose Fibers Innovation Center has in-house testing laboratories and pilot facilities with a world-class team of scientists, researchers and engineers. This team innovates to help our customers differentiate their everyday products such as diapers, feminine hygiene products and facial tissue.

Woman inspecting boxes

Reduced transportation costs and emissions
We reduce transportation costs and emissions by creating innovative, lightweight packaging solutions that can protect goods and enable worldwide commerce. We also teach customers how to pack boxes optimally to maximize weight and reduce shipping costs.

The two principles embedded in the design of all our products are:

01 SUSTAINABLE by nature
Made from natural fiber, from a renewable resource

02 SAFE by nature
Wood fiber is non-toxic, ensuring the health and safety of our products

Test For Success

Man counting boxes

We test our products to ensure durability, strength and performance.

As we develop new packaging to meet customer, consumer, and environmental needs, our testing labs simulate the supply chain environment to find new ways to improve a package’s design.

Woman in lab

We perform transportation simulations and compression tests to ensure the products inside our packages make it to their destinations safely.

Our cellulose fibers team thoroughly evaluates the performance of our products at our Innovation Center. For example, we test absorbent hygiene products to ensure the fluff pulp inside them keeps consumers dry and comfortable.

Meet Customer Needs

After testing, we tweak and finalize designs to meet our customers’ unique needs.

ClimaShield Coated Box

For over 20 years, International Paper has pioneered recyclable, water-resistant coatings with ClimaShield . Based on innovative research and development, ClimaShield improves the recoverability and recyclability of corrugated boxes with an environmentally-friendly wax alternative moisture barrier.


Elegance® Fluff
Elegance® Fluff Pulp enables our customers to produce environmentally-responsible absorbent hygiene products. This sustainable and innovative technology is engineered to provide thinner, softer and more absorbent products that consumers can trust.

Dog Treats

Split-Apart Twin Packaging
Split-Apart Twin Packaging is specially designed to allow for the interweaving of stand-up pouches, maximizing the space used inside the package. This reduces the overall transportation costs and associated emissions while providing retail customers with more economical, display-ready packaging that’s recyclable when empty.

“Consumers are driven first and foremost by the health and safety of a product over its environmental impact, but with natural, fiber-based products, you get the benefit of both.”

Hugh West
Manager, New Products
Global Cellulose Fibers
Innovation Center

Hugh West

“My team’s packaging tests ensure our products will withstand the pressures that come with distribution and transportation. Our customers can be confident that our innovative packaging is cost-effective yet sustainable and will get their products safely from manufacturer to consumer.”

Ed Hughes
Testing Labs and Product Safety and
Compliance Manager Memphis Customer
Commitment Center

Ed Hughes

“When we design one package that serves multiple roles, we are reducing our customer’s carbon footprint in multiple ways – fewer SKUs, less warehouse space, less order complexity, less fossil fuel consumption, and less effort at the retail level to unpack and display products.”

Terry Jarred
Graphics Manager Value Added Services
Customer Commitment Center Memphis, TN

Terry Jarred

We’re continuously working to find new ways to use responsibly sourced wood fiber to create innovative, sustainable solutions for our customers and consumers around the globe.